The Healing Power of Mahler's 10th Symphony

Gustav Mahler’s Tenth Symphony is about death, and acceptance. It released me from the memory of a day at Auschwitz.

I spent a day at Auschwitz-Birkenau, then returned to my wife’s family home in Luxembourg, thinking I would move on. But I couldn’t move on, because I couldn’t stop thinking about the hooks. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about the hooks, and the moment they knew.

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The Four Big Slurs Democrats Use Against Conservatives

Grab a piece of paper and make a hash mark every time you hear a progressive make a beeline for one of the Four Big Slurs rather than acknowledge a legitimate counter-position.

Look for it: When confronted with Republican ideas (or, for that matter, Republicans) Democrats’ go-to stance is always to assert, directly or by implication, that those ideas and persons are and should be deemed noxious and disqualified on the basis of four factors, the Four Big Slurs.  All of them go to Republicans’ fundamentally odiferous and unenlightened character.

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On Net Neutrality, even John Oliver would call John Oliver an Idiot

Net "neutrality" is the exact opposite. It's the worst thing that could happen to the internet.

If you are in favor of net neutrality because you detest Comcast, you are being played, just as John Oliver, the latest adorable enfant terrible of Comedy Central and HBO, is being played.
They want you to think net neutrality is a good thing.  It's not.  Here's why.

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Ann Coulter Takes One for The Team -- Too Often

Did you hear the one about how Ann Coulter got destroyed the other night at the Rob Lowe Roast on Comedy Central?

Well, maybe.  I’ll provide a verbatim transcript and you can decide for yourself… 

The Dogs Bark, The Caravan Moves On....

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What's All This Business About Media Bias?

How Media Bias Works 101, as demostrated by Brian Williams of NBC

To those who don't share his worldview, Brian Williams of NBC had long been considered one of the most biased, partisan, agenda-driven and therefore fundamentally dishonest of the mainstream broadcasters.  He dealt with revelations that he had lied on his resume in ways identical to the ones he used to craft a news presentation that supported and sometimes promoted his own partisan worldview, while disguising itself as an objective newscast. Here's how he and others do it.
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To Take Down Trump you must Attack him Personally

His policies are bullet proof because no one cares.  His awful business history is not.

Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere until someone attacks him personally, in a way so sharp-edged and relentless that the deflecting, dismissing, obfuscating and trivializing techniques that have so far served him improbably well stop working. It will require nothing less than a full-frontal assault on the Trump mythos, who he purports to be, the whole Trump mystique.

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